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Who and Where am I ?

My name is Jim Cowen and I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am married to Margaret and we have three grown-up children.

I am now retired, due to ill health, from the Northern Ireland Fire Service in which I served for 22 years.

I have been a Christian since the early 1980's. A year or two after I was saved the Lord laid upon my heart the desire to work with those involved in cults. In particular, I am interested in those of the Mormon faith (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). This, I believe, is because I have a brother who was deceived by and became a member of that church during the 1970's.

I started my own ministry and called it "Good Tidings Ministry" because the message of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us really is "Good Tidings". However, that name did not express what the aim of my ministry is and so I have renamed it "Mormon Awareness Ministry." I believe those in the cults need to hear the truth of what Christ did for them - not the twisted message their leaders expound.

I use the Biblical text "Speaking the Truth in Love" from Ephesians 4:15 because that is what I intend to do. I do not hate anyone because they hold different beliefs to me, but I know my faith is true because it is grounded firmly - and only - on the Bible. If any faith is not based solely on God's Word, the Bible, then it cannot be true - no matter how "good" it looks.

Neither Mormonism nor the Watchtower Society is Biblically based - though both claim to be.
With both these organisations (as with so many others) more than just the Bible is required in order to achieve their version of salvation. These further teachings come from men and contradict what God has said in His Word.
Therefore, Both Mormonism and The Watchtower Society are teaching error and leading people to a Godless Hell. In love, I seek to show them those errors.

The articles found in 'Reading Room' are based on printed pamphlets I have produced and therefore some overlap of information will be experienced when reading them.

Permission is given for BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS to print and distribute these articles on condition that no changes are made to the text, no charge is made for the printed article and my email address remains at the end of the article.

Apart from my own ministry I am also involved in a larger ministry based in Belfast called "Breda Evangelical Trust" which also seeks to point out the problems with the cults - not only to those involved in the cults but also to Christians so they may become better witnesses for Christ.

Breda Evangelical Trust operates from its own building, known as "Breda Centre". The word "Breda" simply comes from the fact that the building is in the Knockbreda area of South Belfast.

At Breda Centre we carry a large range of books on the cults and the occult, also available at the Centre is:

The Center has, of course, a kitchen, toilet facilities (including disabled) and ample car parking.
Presently we have two other Christian Ministries occupying offices at the Centre. These are "Interserve" and "Quo-Iboe Fellowship."

Should you require further information regarding Breda Centre E-mail: Breda Centre
Jim Cowen, Mormon Awareness Ministry,